Love Bombers
Episode 12

The Freedom On the Other Side of Squeezed and Stressed, Part 2 with Lisa Reagan

Rhea Komarek published on

In part two of the reunion interview with Lisa Reagan we dive in to a paradigm shift that many people and parents are currently experiencing and aware of.  They are moving from a predominantly stress driven culture which drives us into a feeling of disconnection, isolation, and "squeezed thin," into a new paradigm of reclaiming calm, connection, and community.  It's the move from the head to the heart, and it is a courageous journey that she continues to refer to as "The Hero's Journey" as inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell.  She inspires us to know that our challenges and our squeeze are actually a call to action into more being and less doing.

Lisa has been on a Mother of a Quest for 17 years as an award-winning journalist, activist and nonprofit visionary, exploring the space between our unsustainable industrial culture and the emerging cultural story of what is possible for families who are leading the way forward.

Lisa is a co-founder of the nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living and the executive editor of Kindred.  Lisa shares her personal stories of shifting in features, such as Spiritual Composting, in Kindred and other conscious parenting publications.  In her presentations at conferences and workshops, she inspires parents to look toward Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey for guidance on transforming themselves as a path to transforming our unsustainable culture.  Her Parenting As A Hero's Journey Virtual Retreats and publication launched in 2015.

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