Love Bombers
Episode 18

The Patient Process of Unfolding Fulfillment, with Jessica Vance

Rhea Komarek published on

How perfect that I get to be interviewing Jessica Vance during the same week that we are launching the opening of registration for the My Love Bomb Program in Napa.  This is an unplanned grace, as I got to meet Jessica during the Beta run of the program in Napa during February to March of this year.

She is a truly beautiful woman, inside and out, and gives so much love to others.  In our conversation she shares about her own journey of unfolding from the desire to feel a fulfillment of purpose which started as an impatient journey in her 20's of lots of falls, to a patient journey in her 30's from Chef to Therapist with beautiful somatic skills to host a deep whole person listening for her clients.

Her story is an inspiration for anyone who feels like they know they have more inside of themselves than is currently expressed.  She is also a really soothing woman to listen to. 

To connect with Jessica email her at  

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