Lupin Lottery

Episode 1

Episode 001 - The Incel Jigen and the Chad Goemon

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #4 "Gold Smuggling 101"


Sean, Mark, and Jess embark on their new podcast project! Lupin and the gang are roped into a plan to steal the gold from the bank of Switzerland and smuggle it out of the country! How they smuggle it out? Well you see...

In this episode we talk about a brief introduction to Lupin III, trawling for boat sex, digimon ska, Sean can't French, the most predictable ship, riding invisible horses, the only bank in Switzerland, magic sword bullshit, where physics breaks down, one-car blockade, a very specific fetish, the France billboard, fillet of shrimp, car chase driving PSA, and a net gain for our heroes.

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