Lupin Lottery

Episode 3

Episode 003 - We (Don't) Want To Believe

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #95 "From the Ghost Ship With Love"


In this episode, Lupin helps to collect a set of ancient dolls which are said to unlock a great secret when brought together at the right place and time. What they end up doing is goddamn insane.

This week we talk about copyright claims, pokemon shame, laserdisc game plagiarism, trapped in Lupin hell, negative lore, real good boob joke, Donkey Kong doll, stunt Lupin, a vicious car/theft cycle, deep v neck, improbable airplane range, Wind Waker references, ghost burp, Hunley submarine, the Masshole pull, unsubtle foreshadowing, rapture treasure, hydro-dynamically designed, and we spend like 15 minutes baffled about the last 40 seconds.

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