Lupin Lottery

Episode 4

Episode 004: Hot Alloy Tipz

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #81 "Fujiko! Men Are Tough"


In this episode we're joined by Maxie to watch an episode where Fujiko gets engaged to a bishonen prince in like 12 hours, and Lupin has to steal a solid gold bell to win her back!

This week we talk about fallout mods, Island of Normality, chill anime beats, delayed pun fury, gold=metal=strong, radical subtitle diversions, walking blonde car accident, memories of Ouran, a prince named Clod, welcome to our hole, Hoskins the Magnificent, Jigen shoots Goemon in the face, geopolitical theorycrafting, and a hilariously extra bell heist.


Maxie on the internet:

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