Lupin Lottery

Episode 5

Episode 005: Terminal Horniness

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #139 "Steal Everything From Lupin"


In this episode, Lupin just straight up murders Zenigata by condemning him to die of old age via a brainswap. I'm serious. Also there's robo-lion security systems and a horny old man.


This week we talk about Olaf's Christmas Clusterfuck, Mark is full of bones, the crypt creeper, Doctor Fivehead, the liver mystery, in walks Fujiko, buff Lupin, 1970s sexts, the ballad of Sex Car, comedic crash timing, Cyborg 009 again, Lupin's pal Obama, genius Fujiko, compatible horny levels, Eoin Colfer minute, #EvilWifeGoals, lion button, accidental Spiderman deep cut, snake basement, looney tunes nonsense, trucker flap brainwaves, Orson Welles motherfucker, and bubble and squeak confusion.

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