Lupin Lottery

Episode 11

Episode 011: The Circus Hell Dimension

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #27 "Where Did The Cinderella Stamp Go?"


In this episode, Lupin has to deal with a small child who REALLY wants to be a princess, and for that dream to come true she needs the stamp Lupin just stole. And she's a real precocious sociopath about it.


This week we talk about dad dreams part 2, Doki Doki Lupin Club, Go Ask Alice, the UN stamp museum, the temporal post office, the smartest character in this episode, stamp ghost, canonically buff, unthreatening goofballs, criminal license, the horny uncle, vessel of a trickster god, trapped in old west times, an explosion of hubcaps, octodad as a verb, depressed Wendy's girl, involuntary kidnapping, hand-stinking, midnight mail, telepathic reading, and literally the Sonic OVA.

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