Lupin Lottery

Episode 13

Episode 013: Sexy Geography

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #141 "1980 Moscow Revelation"


In this episode, Lupin aims to steal the chandeliers made entirely of diamond from the Kremlin. Along the way we encounter just, so many Russian stereotypes.


This week we talk about how cryptids are bullshit, the 90's-est anime, snake romance, water see-through glasses, crank that basil knob, evil longjohns, the greatest forum thread of all time, pun enbaling, Amelia Bedelia, horny acronyms, Russian Benjamin Franklin, Chekov's pitching machine, seed alarm, half-baked heist, Geralt Jigen, shojo Goemon, muppet Joel Hodgson, vodka gutters, pants prison, Samurai Jick, the great diamond race, and the fmk game.

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