Lupin Lottery

Episode 14

Episode 014: The Cat's In The Cradle (And The Painting's Nude)

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #129 " In Jigen, I Saw the Gentleness of a Man's Soul"


In this episode, most of the main cast takes a backseat as Jigen helps the wife of a rebel leader steal a valuable painting from the presidential mansion before it's destroyed in the firefight!


This week we talk about the Tintin movie, Mother 3, draw a circle there's your fist, editing woes, 70s iWatch, mystery levitation, not-giving-up-police guy, most clothed paintings are fake, gay and stupid, definitely Jigen's clothes, just plane wrong, a Shatner on the wing, FOR A CLOWN, scooby-doo music, mariachi freedom fighter, anime racism, case of the high-crotch, civil war surgery, yelp in a bottle, unexplained firesuits, and jean fever!

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