Lupin Lottery

Episode 15

Episode 015: Always Be Crime

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #64 " Christmas Is in the Hands of the Goddess"


In this episode, Fujiko gets Lupin in an insane amount of debt to force him to steal from the owner of the jewelry store Tiffany's, who also is literally offering to pay him an insane amount of money to steal from her, but also doesn't think he can do it, and also there's an old man who invented hard-light laser technology, and MAN this a weird ep.


This week we talk about  the sounds of love, the Fallout plunge, more like Kingdom FARTS, Neo New York 2: Still Yorkin', all of the money, "Great" Hotel, bad winks, Santa's sack full of alcohol, incredibly thin stacks, nested doll vacation, insane dub escaltation, poor man's diamonds, extremely gay looks, practical effect lightsabers, Sean references Discworld again, Fujiko's millions, Goemon appears, language is fake, brightest eye twinkle, shitty shitty chief, set laser lasso to shock, Lupin's Christmas card, and pizza opinions.

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