Lupin Lottery

Episode 16

Episode 016: Fun Facts With Log

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #118 "The Southern Cross Looked Like Diamonds"


In this episode, Lupin is roped into getting rid of an old man still fighting World War II, and who is armed with a nuke and the most ridiculous violations of all airplane-related logic imaginable!


This week we talk about Space Jam, robocops (no not that one), the deal with airline food, Lupin the idiot, yeti hunting, fighter jet tourism, catching a 5 ton nuke, just plane wrong 3: revengeance, Log learns about Moon Over June, the most Japanese person, can't steal history, mud disguise, masks on masks, lectured on Lost, ptsd alarm clock, Zenigata in a submarine, coconut warfare, army-issue hot air balloon, gun or shark, extremely fast balloon, episodes of future past, airplane diversion, arrested for Vectrex crimes, and we learn about the 1974 live action film.

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