Lupin Lottery

Episode 18

Episode 018: Crisis On Infinite Lincolns

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #76 "Do You Know Shakespeare?"


In this episode, everything sucks! Everything sucks and is awful! The plot revolves around blackface, for fuck's sake!


This week we talk about a dogshit episode, Kevin Blart, we might hate blue jacket, the fifth turtle, alternate timeline flag, sentimental on main, ugly flashback outfit, reverse Kim Possible, identical cartoon injuries, dude leg with gun, leisurly jet, clearing this rubble with my gun, mood ring changed to dead color, an extremely racist twist, starring Al Jolson as Nelson Mandella, Zenigata's crime kart, NASA gyro tanning, Worst by Worstwest, Lupin assassinates the president, a fuckpile of ladybugs, Lincoln vs. Bizarro Lincoln, and all the Andrews have been bad.

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