Lupin Lottery

Episode 19

Episode 019: The Forbidden Grapes

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #11 "A Gift For The President"


In this episode, Lupin steals the world's most valuable bottle of wine and yeah I think you all know where this plot is headed.


This week we talk about Christmas by technicality, piss Grinch, direct news, former vice president Ferald Gord, the ennui of Lupin, death baguette, how it's made, Zenigata Tortelini, does Goemon fuck, deep Superstar Saga cut, the Dick Clark cellar, rare Zenigata competence, flammable Jigen, Concorde supersonic grapes, mystery crates, weirdly horny, yet more plane bullshit, we finally get Christmas, Lupin doll thief, and the same question coming and going.

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