Lupin Lottery

Episode 24

Episode 024: Chekov's Piss

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #65 "Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin"


In this episode, Maxie joins us in time for Lupin to meet his most persistent foe to date: some random douche that half of us just met because we watch all these episodes out of order.


This week we talk about how everyone remembers the new guy, good-adjacent, framing narration, big handsome, shitty army, too many variables, Soda Popinski head of interpol, boxing interlude, Mark is immature, Fujiko OUT, mountains of curry, unexplained tentacle, 2 rocks, comedy ordinance, prankster Jigen, the gang gets WOOHPed, topical racism, what if Lupin fight radscorpions, water sword horseshit, everyone just assumes the recurring villain is dead, The Village (People), and The Wet Saxons, and free real estate.


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