Lupin Lottery

Episode 25

Episode 025: OI IT'S 12 BONG

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #47 "Her Majesty's Slipshod Inspectors"


In this episode, we mercifully have a coherent plot as Lupin steals England's crown jewels on the day of the wedding, all while being pursued by the worst policemen in all of England!


This week we talk about eldritch episodes, gamer baby, Lupin normcore, abandoned bit, imperial fucker, the wizard tower of London, a slightly larger than reasonable amount of cigarettes, Jess implodes, graphic design is my passion, judge Fujiko, they're called fries, Mark the downer, ultimate cockblockers, messing with cops, an actually good plan, We Happy Few DLC, confound those Dover Boys, the worst slip up, shitty tour guide, the Queen's titties, fucked up perspective, and geography is meaningless.

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