Lupin Lottery

Episode 27

Episode 027: Rod's Secret Episodes

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #110 "Sharp Shot! This Is Fujiko!"


In this episode, we find one of the most hackneyed of sci-fi tropes used for some of the most buckwild bullshit possible. Also, everyone gets naked!


This week we talk about a podcast invasion, slain by bees, Jess Hero Academia, repeated Aggretsuko facts, Bazi Bermany, constable Dracula, just say no, Lupin-centric economy, ugly jockey sweaters, fear machine, leaving Goemon in the car, the Biff Tannen future knowledge, Jigen's ass, botched joke, octopus buses, this robot is trained to smash your camera, naked ending, what if Lupin play Space Invaders, and the end-of-season review.

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