Lupin Lottery

Episode 29

Episode 029: A Real Popular Song

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #3 "I Can Hear Nessie's Singing"


In this episode, no stealing is done and the gang doesn't make any money at all. But hey, Nessie is there!


This week we talk about cryptid representation, cursed genesis games, cheese jail, the tool man/drill bit taylor, Vin Diesel mind palace, fog songs, dick silhouette, dirt Fujiko, surprisingly good newspaper, dickless chaps, bethesda handcuffs, boat scotch, Dr. Oz, worst spy, Nessie Ahab, cryptid incel, is Goemon a vampire, return of the plush ass, take it sleazy, stomach jail, return of no ass, popeye torture, and a fuck you to teens.

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