Lupin Lottery

Episode 31

Episode 031: Nobel Crime Prize

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #88 "Lupin's Big South Pole-North Pole Adventure"


In this episode, Lupin decides to take all the penguins from the south pole and move them to the north pole on the flimsiest pretenses imaginable! Plus secret pope crowns and haunted jackboots!


This week we talk about how Sean is bad at Dark Souls, idiot semantics, ze bad game, The Brave Little Toaster (again), my pokemon Gun, lifestyles of the rich and larcenous, The Death March of the Penguins, the south pole is the green one, ugliest seal, Zenigata's fursona, converted by the space pope, ace detective Goemon, alternate bastard Nobel, all according to plan, spinning like a madwoman, boy am I sure glad that he's the mammoth, possessed by Mussolini, and just saying words.


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