Lupin Lottery

Episode 32

Episode 032: Morocco's Modern Life

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #72 "The Skateboard Murder Mystery"


In this episode, there's a precocious kid detective who's here to solve a crime! Also, Lupin is technically here I guess!


This week we talk about the E3 special, PC boy, thicc Wall-E, detective Naruto, Sean's bible corner, don't trust your family, Dairy Queen empire, murderer again, shittiest barricade, Chekov's armory, the special ball, pattycake escape, we recite all of American Pie, #deflategate, comedy bomb, something reminds Sean of Scrooge McDuck, double slo-mo, skateboard hitman, right in his gob, non-euclidian car, and collecting the STEAL letters.

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