Lupin Lottery

Episode 39

Episode 039: Lupin X Cars AU

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #151 "The Arrest Lupin Highway Operation"


In this episode, Zenigata has constructed an elaborate (and probably very expensive) trap for Lupin, and then we get 18 minutes of if Speed were a Wile E Coyote cartoon. It's really good.


This week we talk about a clerical error, No Man is a Sky, Son of Man, you're hime forever, style discussion, not even bothering to lie, fuck rankings, sneaky car, pulling a leprechaun, one-man wide helicoptor, Jigen is Luigi, the special box, bridge x, call you a cretin, shift into jump gear, the magic theft bus, farm implement, idiot on purpose, 60 FOOT VERTICAL LEAP, eyeballs full of diamonds, the last Lupin Lottery, once-pal Maxie, none of us are car people, and Sean creates audio poison.

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