Lupin Lottery

Episode 41

Episode 041: Dope-Ass Ghost Weed

Holly Edalyn published on

In this episode, we get what's maybe the worst use of communing with the dead possible, and another entry in the "Lupin fights Universal Studios monsters" series!


This week we talk about the podcast curse, horny Zenigata twitter, squirrel rescue, cursed masks, theme song talk, color ghosts, arbitrary skepticism, the Goemon effect, the Frankenstein crusades, soul gun, why are they robots, ancestry dot com crimes, Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are stoned, bad chyrons, shoutouts to the oboe, Frankenstangria, Lupin gets tossed a lot, an EXTREME subtitle difference, doctor brain genius, missed opportunities, and Lupin turns the frogs gay.

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