Lupin Lottery

Episode 42

Episode 042: Electricity Is Stored In The Bulbs

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #1 "Lupin The Third's Gallant Appearance"


In this episode, an old foe returns again for the first time to trap and kill the Lupin gang!


This week we talk about being back again for the first time, the most fucked sleep schedule, podcasts done quick, intimidating house lady, ruins of Honk Kong, cut to butt, id at the wheel, ship for the gays, smell of Fujiko, he has a permit, the first of many fatalities, snake dentistry, is Goemon a thot?, made of yams, commercial-spanning zoom in, fuck you for saving me, the kink center, extremely different flashback, 15% Richard Simmons, psychic plan, intense fire suppression, fuck everyone, and the story continues, and a cyborg can be a house.

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