Lupin Lottery

Episode 43

Episode 043: Borat University

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #86 "The Mysterious Nightlight Mask Appears"


In this episode, a famous writer is enlisted to help track down Lupin, as well as the mysterious and ridiculous Nightlight Mask!


This week we talk about Mamo time, least sexy name, Bob Burgers, back on his bullshit, boring co-hosts, Twilight Zone opinions, Paris again, first-draft luchador, mystery zipline, police consistency, my manservant Fawful, taking some me time, always a masquerade ball, Jess' other spec script, mobile Lupin matter, dangerous clown, human music, bozo of the opera, millenium mask, Zelda puzzle bullshit, RETURN THE SLAB, death by high-shovel, cheesey blood, knife/sword discourse, not how bulletproof vests work, ancient Incan dollar bills, cool guy failure, haunted doll watch, and costumes are bad.

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