Lupin Lottery

Episode 45

Episode 045: Whose Vault Is It Anyway

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #48 "Lupin Laughs While The Alarm Bells Ring"


In this episode, Lupin pledges to steal the money collected during the Kentucky Derbey, except maybe they're all in New York? This episode is never really clear about that.


This week we talk about the ballad of big pocky, quest boy, E3 talk, dogsitting, geographic confusion, muzak Goemon, chairman Drew Carey, magnet bullshit, five dimensional chess, Louisville sewer cops, red goo, this joke sucks, bank man too nice, FUCK THIS HAT, 69ing in a trunk, the plan is plungers, stnoppet topband, Sean Goodaccent, exploding dummies, reminding you it's in America, car metaphors, the great muppet caper, and Goonies 2: Still Goonin'

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