Lupin Lottery

Episode 46

Episode 046: Arrested For Podcast Crimes

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #102 "Lupin, Do You Like Chanel?"


In this episode, someone is going around stealing a bunch of famous guns, and they happen to own a gun that Lupin wants to steal. Also, they're dressed as a warrior monk and have a ray gun!


This week we talk about shoutengine bad, tragic mermaid love, mystery nut, the eternal weed whack, bigfoot car, techno-Benkei, Fujiko can't read, John Wilkes Death, he's not Jigen Respectchild, he's fine, there's a message on the arrow, murder heelys, the humiliation of Zenigata, shitty brush, fun pronunciation facts, dog interruption, boogeyman or boogeyMEN, hotwheels go karts, thicc hedge, oh god it's gun plane, held hostage by ps3 library, colossal asshole dad, magic bullshit safe, and Jigen's magnum dong.

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