Lupin Lottery

Episode 49

Episode 049: The Strong Nuclear Horse

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #142 "The Disappearing Favorite"


In this episode, Lupin is challenged to steal a prized racehorse, and in the process kills both it and a totally innocent one too.


This week we talk about Sean's shitty RPG, JoJos the fifth, shittiest job, (Not Constantinople), the best entrance, got lice?, in love with a horse, red shaped, My Fair Fujiko, infinite sodas, gambling etiquette, moe through helplessness, Dr Strangelove but with a horse, seahorse, to crush a horse, net missile, threatening a cop, marry a horse, launching a jockey, van into the woods, rotate your hooves, candy corn's a vegetable, Battle Royale of the Wild, and ripping open the Fallout 76 wound.

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