Lupin Lottery

Episode 51

Episode 051: Tantric Sword Sex

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #151 "The Secret Of Goemon's Zantetsu Sword"


In this episode, we watched a man melt to death, and also swords are magic.


This week we talked about ignored adjustment, spider jizz, boring adults, return of the Spooky Spot, cuphell, the murder of Rodney Dangerfield, sword magic is real, anonymous tipsters, national idiot convention, flummoxed by a box, Goemon is sword theory, dead foaming, sword college, shithead idiot thief, hillbilly Jigen, eating some Dindans, a brief Lady Liberty digression, driving on cliffs, Fujiko doll, of COURSE she's betraying them, technically a martial artist, dream spikes, NOT HOW ELECTROMAGNETS WORK, re-creating Terminator 2, then WHO'S FLYING THE HELICOPTOR, and waking dreams sound terrifying.

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