Lupin Lottery

Episode 54

Episode 054: Octopi Mafia

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #45: "Diamonds and Minx"


In this episode, a hitman named Hangman is dead set on making Lupin deceased! Oh, and he happens to be a zombie.


This week we talk about horrible mime man, that's movies babe, #topical, hard drive hostage, Sean hates driving, murder time, crimes of boredom, dub v sub, a load-bearing Jigen, pilgrim car, secret weapon, no nut never, still crafting the sword theory, huge round eyes, hatbox ghost hitman, shootin' branches, the "gonna fuck" prance, mid-pucker, suffer my curse, Naruto in Florida, son of the Invisible Man, please respond, wine for Jigens only, my 3D wife, a Tom & Jerry death, giant handcuffs, the wet bandits of murder, and questionable episode descriptions.

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