Lupin Lottery

Episode 55

Episode 055: Friendship Ended With Jess

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #145: "Albatross - Wings Of Death"


In this episode, we're joined by Maxie while an eccentric billionaire has kidnapped Fujiko to get back his detonator for an atomic bomb, and lots of airplane action ensues!


This week we talk about aeromorphs, favorite aquabats song, agent 47 domestic AU, Todd Coward, out of glasses, the split fallout timeline theory, Miyazaki food, casual grenade kick, weird shrimp, strip searched by Dr. Robotnik, the villain is Sean, knifecat face, some not-giving-up police guy, creepin' window, a quick explaination on atomic bombs, the best bit of animation, the ol' exploding hair trick, Goemon does his thing, ground pounding a plane, Fujiko beats up everyone, Lonebach gets stupid, fuel is stored in the wings, travel the lake, one-trip Lonebach, ultimate game of chicken, Fujiko the terrorist, Jess breaks Sean, ratapult, and the perfect Fujiko.

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