Lupin Lottery

Episode 57

Episode 057: Juicy Apocalyptic Lore

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #70 "Classic Thieves And Mynah Birds"


In this episode, Lupin needs a pet shop owner, and logically breaks one out of a government prison!


This week we talk about Fucking Kyle, fallout 76 keeps getting worse, no reason clotheslining, strangely competent Zenigata, bad hiding place, this podcast is a prison, a very specific reason, vice president bird, reincarnated robbers, awful security, the second half swerve, wacky races, redrawn borders, ruining a honeymoon, lax nuke testing, jerma drops a TV on himself, dumbass found vaporized, nuke explaination v2, the rare Fujiko getting cheated, a very good Fallout joke, cassowaries will fuck you up, and utilitarian daemons.

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