Lupin Lottery

Episode 58

Episode 058: Bankrolled By Big Dentistry

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #127: "Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball"


In this episode, Lupin's terrible dental hygine habits are directly responsible for multiple assassination attempts. By the New York Yankees.


This week we talk about getting the sports knowledge jokes out of the way, fuck the Yankees, Bamco Nandai, reverse Christmas break-in, old man yells at cloud, phone journey, accidental good shot, newspaper pocket, Big Pockey's return, Barney Rubble, hitman rules, running directly onto the police bus, magic cheek-touch sensing, bulletproof tarp, some of those silent bats, hit by those fat nuts, House with cannonballs, sharingun, classical pummeling, inconsistent baseball knowledge, reverse King Kong, dental hygine PSA, death by shuttlecock, and dtf (down to floss).

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