Lupin Lottery

Episode 59

Episode 059: Goemon's Millennium Sword

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #103, "A Wolf Saw An Angel"


In this episode, a Vietnam veteran unleashes an entire arsenal on Lupin in order to fund his daughter's eye surgery, and we FINALLY pin down Goemon's backstory.


This week we talk about how we forgot how to podcast, spider man good, Christmas 2: The Revengeance, the gaming convergence, analog podcast storage, a gazoo situation, militarized police, where are the japes, giant mechanical spider, dickgun, bad car animation, extremely suspicious, anime blind girl, YUUUUUUGI BOY, Lt. Surge appears, not liquid hydrogen, stockades glory hole, a romantic crime comedy, it only gets dumber, standard issue, watch radar metal detector, not how grenades work, double jeopardy, secret sex bed, could Lupin beat Kevin McAllister?, and Tezuka Lupin.

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