Lupin Lottery

Episode 61

Episode 061: Ey, I'm Tokin' Here

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #85: "The Secret Order of ICPO"


In this episode, Zenigata is part of a questionably elaborate scheme to catch Lupin cooked up by a lady lieutenant who REALLY wants to retire and get married...


This week we talk about depositing your Lupins, girls (I heard of em), Lupin by way of Scribner, old lady story, a villain from Brooklyn, embryo hooligan, weed mafia, unlimited drama funds, limpid as shit, Serenity disease, blue raspberry diamond, bad at hugging, the bars that haunt me, bad prison, gotta go to pink jacket, three minutes of joke buildup, horny escape, Christmas cake, lowercase a cups, anime crushes, and hot digimon takes.


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