Lupin Lottery

Episode 63

Episode 063: Girls With Guns

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #38, "Happy Betrayals To You"


In this episode, Fujiko works with the ICPO to arrest Lupin in what's somehow NOT the biggest betrayal yet!


This week we talk about DK said trans rights, A (long) Series of Unfortunate Events, sweet trap, euro ICPO land, take the shot, disguise ametuer, Fujiko explodes a bridge, victim blaming, the amazing disappearing policeman, Lupin babies, those two guys, totally unsuspicious, primal trickster god, custody kidnapping, drink for cliff driving, quote from man shot, turd diamond, 48 minutes, a watery demise, boobs and butt Zenigata, Fujiko team comp, let Lupin say fuck, and special Mamo surprise.

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