Lupin Lottery

Episode 65

Episode 065: Hyperbaric Dad Chamber

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #50 "The Second Time Around, Part 1"


In this episode, we get our first taste of chronology and Lupin gets to feel a non-horny emotion for once!


This week we talk about baby's first Spiderman, cheap as free mics, mullet Lupin, finally a reason, smallest medallion, so many charity events, Justin McElcop, U-Hearse, trick shooting, hearses are invisible, tie on the ones, a major left turn, Twin Peaks roof, a horny sandwich, that feel when necromancy gf, crop top egg girl, evil electricity, an Igor named Sergio, tiny litte helicoptor, spectral fire, no time to be extra, Sean hates the audience, and pimp-daddy Lupin!

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