Lupin Lottery

Episode 67

Episode 067: Lupin Said Trans Rights

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #126 "Take Lupin All The Way To Hell"


In this episode, Fujiko does one of her bigger betrayals, and someone with a deep grudge against Lupin does the only logical thing they can do!


This week we talk about rap about Lupin, J. Jazz Jameson, broken oven, tetris battle royale, the dogsit whisperer, the past is a redder country, goat cup, no or fuck no, a great skillet nap, two banks, note to self: kick Lupin's ass, DEATH PINBALL 9000, child tackle, I resemble that remark, whack-a-Lupin, hi Zenigta, not valid, you can just be a girl, quote from computer exploded, poison gas trap, Fujiko fuck off challenge, a tale of two Lupins, spinball hell, and unfortunate Jojos.

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