Lupin Lottery

Episode 68

Episode 068: Naked Old Man Edition

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #54 "Mercy Mercy Me"


In this episode, Lupin faces off against an aging cop who he saved ten years ago.


This week we talk about we'll do it live, dungeon meshi, not ska for work, #calendarproblems, pc gamming, court hearing for horny on main, the coffee gif, the oldest stupidest inspector you've got, grandpa babies, most tired man, reverse scooby doo, rookie mistakes, sharing one braincell, the worst roleplay, mommy handsome rating, Lupin Braingenius, racist penguins, tourist from cubeland, useless ropes, activates his bullshit, cash credit or statue, cranky because you're in order, neither of us will be virgins, and Sean Reilly (tm).

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