Lupin Lottery

Episode 74

Episode 074: Episode 69 Nice: Get It Zenigata

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #69 "Zenigata Getcha Into My Life"


In this episode, we're finally back for real, and had a really good episode to go with it!


This week we talk about the podcast ruiner, cats going ham, the new lego movie, She-Ra 2, big detective energy, mementos beer, morning rappel, drive through bedroom, visual aids, symptoms disorder, funny old man death moments, Kissinger nudes, cube time, maybe more, pocket frog, sewer and/or cliff zoning, private shouting spot, pretty fucking brutal, say it again Zeni, horny hooting, sad guys don't look at explosions, old-timey Kiryu, our new podcast Mime Time, and the girl listening this.


EDIT 05/07/19: fixed the bit where I forgot to cut the audio before questions

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