Lupin Lottery

Episode 75

Episode 075: Lose This Episode

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #107 "The Wedding Ring Is An Accursed Trap"


In this episode, Lupin steals the hope diamond for Fujiko, wacky hi-jinks and profitable new mascots ensue.


This week we talk about my gamer fellas, the Kyle defender, infinity war bad, Lupin vs Mephisto, laughing alone with brunch, Smit Honian, least interesting diamond, historian Goemon, our new friend Beezleboy, thief ownership rules, spooky mirror face, shitty RPG mimic, make your own ghost story, it's all shadow, patented church sit, Lupin-shaped hole, Zenigata off his shits, naked crow, ugly mirrors, post traumatic stress diamonds, Gallileo's a bitch, Lord English ass, this cool rock I found, not a curse, and Sword Lesbians.

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