Lupin Lottery

Episode 76

Episode 076: All Hail Weed Orb

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #13 "Curse of the Jumbo Juju"


In this episode, Fujiko falls deathly ill (in the same manner as her late, rich husband of 11 minutes) due to the apparently cursed ruby that she inherited from him. Oh also there's a swarm of drugged-up hummingbirds that's going to peck her to death.


This week we talk about what is a salad, concert problems, finer points of Magic, playgrandpa, the boys are back in town, attack of the face sucker, poor Zenigata, I heard Lupin is shredded, just say no, mixed up plagues, Jamaica cacti, put her in the will, banned from riddles, what if Jigen smoke weed, legally binding, Indiana Bones, 'sup god, the longest con, anyway it's zombie time, cool with Satan, two types of gems, Fujiko would kill a child, and I won't allow it.

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