Lupin Lottery

Episode 77

Episode 077: WHAT IS THIS SHOW?

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #97 "Find The Treasure Of Lupin I"


In this episode, we have a guest who's never seen Lupin III before, and reacts to Sherlock Holmes III in his house blimp exactly how you'd expect!


This week we talk about won the Lupin Lottery, our friend Pikachu, another persona fan, what is the purpose of Fujiko, oh I love Up, bra ransom, swapped with Fist of the North Star, dad husband, crime sons, coke zero, russia's greatest love machine, laser camera, a home in the ducts, murder seeds, canonically untrue, open sesame, menacing fruit tossing, finding that bird, a heaping bowl of staple sauce, and Jojo talk.


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