Lupin Lottery

Episode 79

Episode 079: Naked Cave Adventures

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #132 "The Himalayan Thief Group"


In this episode, Lupin is after some rare Napoleonic bills that were stolen from him, and tracks them down to a cult led by this weird blue guy in the mountains!


This week we talk about Babylonian weirdness, Far Cry, garden boys, thug Lupin, Crime Executive Officer, Ludwig von Koopa gijinka, eat the silver, we found Groupon, why am I hitting yourself, wholesome murder, mister B. Adguy, worst breakfast machine, scoop the goop, attach the stone of triumph, poison apple roullette, the '67 masturbation accident, literally a jojo plot, more exploding men, casual bullet stroll, Doc Louis Fujiko, Mark failed to prepare, and the best of the season. 

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