Lupin Lottery

Episode 81

Episode 081: Three Stooges Modern Warfare

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #122 "Rare Find: Napoleon's Fortune"


In this episode, once again we're promised silly Zenigata antics and ONCE AGAIN we're disappointed!


This week we talk about happy Stanley Cup, Araki's bad at storytelling, T Rex Bat%, past camera, the jizzboy mystery, pie removing spray, no Shemps, popping the biggest bottles, Doctor Sillydumb, nothing happened, Zenigata invents tubby custard, sexy prisonwear, death row fucking, luxury prison transport, no real teeth, the Higgs Lupin, study sesh, beach looks, like shooting fish in a gun barrel, RIP piegun, the most expensive execution, Lupin is Fallout rich, ultimate shaggy dog story, fuck you Simon, E3 talk, and TODD COWARD.

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