Lupin Lottery

Episode 82

Episode 082: Cannibal Justice System

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #80 "Everybody Loves Ramen"


In this episode, Lupin breaks into prison in order to get the treasure that was buried there by his partner in crime 8 years ago.


This week we talk about my best Deborah, nintendo olds, depression and late 20s, where was that being kept, timeline nonsense, titty time, toxic football, oxygen cylinders, the 'ol leprechaun trick, president (mumble), just cyborg 009 again, 4/20 nice, every frame a painting, one last fuck, no fighting in the war room, delivery cup ramen, speed Checkov, peep jousting, the treasure was nature the whole time, kilogram of feathers/steel, the Lupin defender, and the worst deaths in Lupin.

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