Lupin Lottery

Episode 83

Episode 083: Canada Dry ARG

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #113 "OPERATION CHUSHINGURA"


In this episode, Lupin (who has been cursed by a mummy and fought a vampire) ADAMANTLY REFUSES to believe in ghosts, and it's great.


This week we talk about hero gamer, happy plants, week good, the peanut gallery, shittiest MacBeth, he is a ghost, suddenly inspirational, all magic is real, Fujiko is freaking out, cool cop cameo, samurai spirit, constantly dabbing, legal murder, hip teen calculator, horse murder plan, Pokemon Ghost, shoot to kill, we love oboe, uncooked fettuchini, Civil War re-enactor Zenigata, Kabuki Cops, ghost slaps, cool vape tricks, Spectral Cotton, teeth treasure, cut to commercial, and Sleipnir murder.

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