Lupin Lottery

Episode 85

Episode 085: Just Like Them Stooges

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #002 "Guns, Buns, And Fun In The Sun"


In this episode, a whole lot of nothing has been fashioned into the shape of a Lupin III episode!


This week we talk about Final Fantasy, mob boss baby, Switch Lite, Mark's new husband, Johnny Two-Phones, cloud tits, the wads, ultimate fare, argh my boings, Sweet Zeni and Hella Lupin, best of Brazil, an alabi for some reason, you've seen this trope, so many questions, millenial stooges, adjacent urinal monsters, widest road, Jesus take the wheel, my clown statue, restaurant maps, secret sword sauce, Heaven Is Real Movie, my pal Jesus, new lore, Son of the Mask, and hot Hawaii Takes.

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