Lupin Lottery

Episode 88

Episode 088: Hokkaido Will Rise Again

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #71 "Lupin vs. The Shinsengumi"


In this episode, a Hokkaidan secessionist movement summons a giant octopus to... (checks notes) steal back a fancy 19th century cannon. Huh.


This week we talk about how work sucks, fantasy weed, jojos, the blood oath, just impractical, robbed of her chance, fundoshi cinemasin, wet watch, land currents, raining pen stare, I'm not in this one, the most expensive plan, lupin plays in a grain silo, underwater hotboxing, turning this ghost ship around, car-boat, dangerously cheesey, Lupin's sailor cap, clueless, the Titanic animated movie, whimp fight, Goemon fights an octopus, local exploding idiot, and octodab.

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