Lupin Lottery

Episode 89

Episode 089: The North Wind Fucked My Mom

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #019 "Hell Toupee"


In this episode, we're treated to a surprisingly emotional story between Lupin and Fujiko, and also short bald Not-Hitler is there.


This week we talk about Mark did an oopsy, Persona with swords, brief Sean roast, PhD in Lupin, salute the picture, inflatable globe warehouse, god damn wind, the least happy man, Lupin is Monk, the least animated fight, worst guards, deep moat, what if Goemon use mapquest, cartoon splash, whole scene reference, jetski accident, shouting at horror movies, idiot balloon time, the SS stands for Super Sucks, loves trees, Lupin in Jojo, and Zenigatcha game.

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