Lupin Lottery

Episode 91

Episode 091: So Different You And I Are Not

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #74 "For Larva Or Money"


In this episode, there's a horrible chameleon man who makes everyone physically need to eat bugs by spraying them with chameleon DNA, and also there's a diamond.


This week we talk about moving time, diced dungeons, found apartment footage, Lupin racist moments, episode over, refusing to learn, face down ass up, an unforgettable luncheon, rare continuity, restraining order yoda, return of pepper, brain geniuses, Jigen dear, Lupin is Kiryu, y'all mind if I STOP RACISM, angled driving, juice that makes you eat bugs, Gobby pussy indulgence, circuitous plan, beautiful frames, can't unpack all that, missed context, invisible tank, endangered sex car, didn't think this one through, and flower titties.

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