Lupin Lottery

Episode 92

Episode 092: Lup-A-Lympics

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #73 "It's A Purloin-A-Palooza!"


In this episode, we get some wacky races shenanigans and SOMEHOW mister melt Antarctica is back.


This week we talk about 2/3rds of a podcast, wallet for babies, gravy hands, narnia brain, Deadly Premonition, a short history of theiving, fucked up horse car, our chance to see cars drivng, good joke, arresting the wreckage, points into boat, tunnel blunder, GOIN' OVAH DA CLIFF, it's this guy, eyeball washing, raiding Leno's garage, the absolute madman, teamwork, chicken with a jet, everyone's dead, ishygddt, speech cut short, pride is dumb, and a feral legend.

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